2017-04-26 09:56 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002628    General Bugminornew2015-09-08ncat-6.49BETA4 fails to bind executable when using --ssl and --proxy
  00026252   Kali Package Bugminornew2015-09-07SniffJoke package installed but doesn't works (binary not found)
  00023343   General Bugminornew2015-09-06Possible issue with Netgear WN111v2 driver/firmware operability on Kali
  00026211   Kali Package Bugminornew2015-09-05Get strongswan back
  0002618    Kali Package Bugminornew2015-09-04backdoor generated by msfvenom does not work
  00020372   New Tool Requestsminornew2015-09-03Add proxychains-ng (fork of proxychains)
  00025961   Tool Upgrademinorconfirmed2015-09-03Upgrade cree.py to 1.3
  0002214    General Bugminornew2015-09-03binwalk in wrong menu group
  0001960    Kali Package Improvementminornew2015-09-03google-nexus-tools should include newer ADB
  00017652   Tool Upgrademinorconfirmed2015-09-03autopsy
  00007591   Feature Requestsfeaturefeedback2015-09-03armel image for pi lacks routing and iptables support
  000062411 Kali Package Bugcrashnew2015-09-03BlindElephant is not able to update and the plugin repo is outdated
  0000175    Feature Requestsminornew2015-09-03metasploit framework's pattern_create and offset
  00005401   Feature Requestsminornew2015-09-03Implement privmode Support in dash
  0002535    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2015-09-03add fish shell to the kali repos
  000252411 General Bugmajornew2015-09-03Kali 2 change language formats always crashing when you type anything to find your country
  0002545    New Tool Requestsminornew2015-09-03PowerShell Empire added.
  0002595 1 General Bugminornew2015-09-03Kali 2.0 on Raspberry Pi and BeEF XSS
  00026103   Kali Package Bugminornew2015-09-03Cannot change wireless MAC with Ralink 3070 and Beaglebone Black 3.8.13 kernel
  0002518 1 General Bugminornew2015-09-03few gnome system settings dont work on Kali 2.0 x64
  0002515    General Bugcrashnew2015-09-03ginguma (gtk of inguma) crash on start
  0002496    Kali Package Bugblocknew2015-09-03netdiscover fails due to libnet_init()
  0002613    Kali Package Bugtweaknew2015-09-02Creating timeline in Autopsy v2.24 (Sleuthkit) calls wrong path for file
  00003462   New Tool Requestsminornew2015-08-29SpiderFoot 2.0
  000259411 General Bugminornew2015-08-28Kali 2.0 swap issues
  0002600    Kali Package Improvementmajornew2015-08-27In Kali 2.0, No support for KOREAN
  00025901   Kali Package Bugminornew2015-08-24john password mangling failing in Kali 2.0
  00025731   General Bugminornew2015-08-21Kali 2.0 root login
  0002574    New Tool Requestsminornew2015-08-19CrackMapExec
  0002571    Kali Package Bugmajornew2015-08-19Missing syslinks in modules in rpi2 image
  0002568    Kali Package Bugmajornew2015-08-18No symlinks in armhf image
  0000767 1 General Bugcrashnew2015-08-18WnckletFactory::WindowListApplet --- Bottom bar (open apps) not present
  000062817   General Bugcrashfeedback2015-08-18System Freezes on connecting external power cord
  0001644    Kali Package Bugmajornew2015-08-1832 bit UEFI boot
  0001937    General Bugcrashnew2015-08-18Nouveau drivers crash!
  0002184    Kali Package Bugmajornew2015-08-18SET toolkit not working properly
  0002305    General Bugmajornew2015-08-18All types of problems on EFI systems
  0002473    Kali Package Improvementfeaturenew2015-08-18Update the responsories
  0002553    Kali Package Bugminornew2015-08-16Kali 2 32 bit Light - Wireshark unable to install
  0002549    Feature Requeststweaknew2015-08-16Kali 2 beaglebone image ships with old kernel 3.8.13
  0002509    General Bugminornew2015-08-13Gtk bookmarks not available in Xfce session
  0002508    Kali Package Bugminornew2015-08-13Parole media player doesn't find codecs and tries to install them
  000249131 General Bugmajornew2015-08-12installed kali linux to usb, installer overwrote grub on hard disk
  0002499    General Bugminornew2015-08-12Kali PXE boot fails if URL uses DNS lookup
  0002497 1 Kali Package Bugminornew2015-08-12Error mounting /dev/sda4 at /media/root/OS
  0002495    General Bugminornew2015-08-12social Engineering tool kit when i opted to use a inbuilt PDF still it is asking me to provide one
  0002488    New Tool Requestsminornew2015-08-11dot11decrypt
  0002487    General Bugtrivialnew2015-08-11editing manually grub menu
  0002486    Kali Package Improvementtweaknew2015-08-11mtpfs - jmtpfs
  00022081   General Bugmajornew2015-08-11Menu list not updated after dkpg -install source