2018-07-16 04:30 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00045812   Kali Package Bugminorresolved (sbrun)2018-03-05Re-build maltego package - Missing source
  00045592   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-03Pro96com - decrypt digital radio broadcasts.
  0004580    New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-02PoT - Phishing on Twitter
  0004579    New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-02Reverse proxy grapher
  0004578    New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-02wotmate - Web of trust grapher
  0004576    General Bugminornew2018-03-02Booting Thumb-Drive-Kali-Live, on computers with Ethernet connection, downloads software updates
  0004575    New Tool Requestsminornew2018-03-01gitleaks - Searches full repo history for secrets and keys
  000456011 Kali Package Bugmajorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-28PROBLEM WITH INSTALLING XPLICO ON KALI LINUX
  00045662   General Bugmajorresolved (rhertzog)2018-02-27The pkg network-manager-pptp is sending wrong password to vpn server
  00045321   Kali Package Bugcrashresolved (sbrun)2018-02-26btscanner crashes with the "b" (brute force scan) option
   00045621   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-26Inflator-1.1 released
  00045532   Feature Requestsminorresolved (sbrun)2018-02-26please include xserver-xorg-input-synaptics in kali-linux-light
  00044726   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-25dirsearch tool request
  00031142   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-24exe2powershell - exe2bat reborn for modern Windows
  00043482   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-24CertGraph inclusion in Kali
  00036944   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-24shellfire
  0003927    Kali Websites & Docsminornew2018-02-24Nvidia Driver problem on Kali LXDE version
  000455052 New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-22zipbrk - exploit/tool for modern systems
  00040776   General Bugminorresolved (rhertzog)2018-02-22Weekly (24) image doesn't allow to edit grub entries
  0004551    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21subjack - Hostile Subdomain Takeover tool
  00043164   General Bugminornew2018-02-21after logging out live session, can't log back in
  0004443    General Bugminornew2018-02-21weak wifi signal and not connecting
   000453982 New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21FeedingBottle v3.3 released
  00045252   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21Atomic Red Team - Small and highly portable detection tests.
  0004524    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21APTSimulator - A toolset to make a system look as if it was the victim of an APT attack
  00033154   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21pyJoiner - Open Source Exe Joiner
  0000892    New Tool Requestsminorassigned (muts)2018-02-21LUKS In-Place Conversion Tool
  00039462   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21PixieScript (Automated PixieWPS Tool)
  00039022   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21Z-Attack
  00039012   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21Killerzee
  00024432   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21dns2proxy
  00024312   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21middler
  00020332   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21easy-creds
  000412321 New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21Webshell-Sniper - An open source webshell management tool via terminal
  00041223   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21Tundeep - Pivoting and tunnelling for pen tests
  00036801   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21Pompem - Exploit and Vulnerability Finder
  0003471    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) weekly releases in Kali repos
  00032312   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21Mobile Security Framework / MobSF to Kali
  00039833   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21toriptables to the kali repo
  000351211 New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21WIFI-Pumpkin, a real nice GUI wireless MITM framework with plugin support.
  00032471   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21The laZagne project (password recovery tool)
  00042673   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21SniffAir - An Open-Source Framework for Wireless Security Assessments
  000409111 New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21PilGrim - Path Discover
  000403311 New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21rePy2exe - A Reverse Engineering Tool for py2exe applications.
  00039972   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21rtfm.py
  00037441   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21omnihash
  00033268   New Tool Requestsminornew2018-02-21NoSQLMap
  00032191   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21NetPIPE - Network Protocol Independent Performance Evaluator
  00032171   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21OWASP Offensive Web Testing Framework
  00032141   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2018-02-21SimplyEmail - Email recon and gathering