2017-02-20 13:09 UTC

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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00036991   General Bugmajornew2016-10-27No keyboard or touchpad response
  00036841   General Bugmajornew2016-10-27Elantech touchpad not visible in X
  0003696    New Tool Requestsminornew2016-10-26BackdoorMan
  0003694    New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2016-10-25shellfire
  00036731   General Bugmajornew2016-10-25Wireless and Audio driver
  000366822 Feature Requestsfeaturenew2016-10-23Cannot cut folder to another
  0003689    General Bugminornew2016-10-23Does not detect other monitors
  0003686    General Bugminornew2016-10-21Dunst notification daemon autostarts and takes precedence over DE's native notification system
  0003683    General Bugminornew2016-10-20Kali Linux
  0003682    General Bugminornew2016-10-20Kali Light 2016.2 autologin-user is not working
  0003681    Kali Package Bugmajornew2016-10-20Mac address resets to permanent after enabling airmon-ng! Ergo spoofing will not work.
  0003680    New Tool Requestsminornew2016-10-20Pompem - Exploit and Vulnerability Finder
  0003678    Kali Package Bugminornew2016-10-19medusa v2.2 modules missing
  0003677    General Bugblocknew2016-10-17shutdown and restart problem(freeze)
  0003676    General Bugminornew2016-10-16no Audio
  0003675    General Bugmajornew2016-10-16can not dist-upgrade when kali is installed onto 16 GB thumb drive as live
  000363731 General Bugminornew2016-10-15Username and password logon screens do not respond unless unfocused
  0003672 2 General Bugmajornew2016-10-14Cannot boot live ISO from USB on MacBook Pro 8,1
  00036711   General Bugcrashnew2016-10-14Openvas v 8.0+kali3: error on scannings
  0003670    Tool Upgrademinornew2016-10-14update MITMf
  00036411   Kali Package Bugmajornew2016-10-14Armitage ARM package does not work. Throws floating point exception.
  0003669 1 General Bugminornew2016-10-13error in right numeric keypad
  00036642   Kali Package Bugblocknew2016-10-11New updates makes network unusable
  0003666 1 General Bugfeaturenew2016-10-11cut and paste folder or file
  0003661    General Bugmajornew2016-10-10Unable to capture data in airodump after using correct command
  00036552   General Bugmajornew2016-10-10kali (ISO and installation) doesn't boot in EFI mode
  00036072   Kali Package Bugminorfeedback2016-10-09Dradis missing required 'less' gem - Please package ruby-less
  0003660    General Bugminornew2016-10-09cheapset -non mac device
  0003659    General Bugtweaknew2016-10-08theHarvester Having problem start due to some
  0003658    General Bugblocknew2016-10-08Kali bug
  00014365   Tool Upgrademinorresolved2016-10-07Upgrade EyeWitness in Kali Repos (Please) :)
  00036511   General Bugmajornew2016-10-06rebooting kali is not working
  0003653    General Bugminornew2016-10-05PostgreSQL 9.6 upgrade
  0003650    General Bugmajornew2016-10-05can't call network share folder from "Connect to server"
  0003649 1 Kali Package Bugmajornew2016-10-05GDbus error
  0003647    Kali Package Bugcrashnew2016-10-04virtualbox machine crash
  00034512   General Bugcrashnew2016-10-04bt scanner crash
  00030421   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2016-10-03Add OSRFramework to Kali, as a set of tools for user profiling and online research
  000324122 Feature Requestsfeaturenew2016-10-03MSR60X Card Reader/Writer Library
  0003643    Kali Package Bugtrivialnew2016-10-03Repo contains outdated version of xfreerdp-x11
  00036101   New Tool Requestsfeaturenew2016-10-02FeatherDuster
  0003642    General Bugblocknew2016-10-02Kali's setup won't boot in my computer
  0003640 1 General Bugminornew2016-10-02Kali 2016.2 screen flicker
  0003638    New Tool Requestsminornew2016-09-30httpscreenshot
  0003636    Kali Package Bugminornew2016-09-29armitage wont start with error pgsql relation workspace error
  0003634    Kali Package Bugmajornew2016-09-28Odroid C2 - arm64 kali-linux-full unmet dependencies
  00036311   Kali Package Bugminornew2016-09-26lightdm fails to start on Cubox-i4 Pro
  00036292   General Bugmajornew2016-09-25Stuck on boot because of Bluetooth
  0003627 1 General Bugcrashnew2016-09-24VMware Tools script error
  0003622    General Bugmajornew2016-09-24Screen leaves "trails"