0004789: [Tool Upgrade] [Debian Package] Update flashrom v1.0.0 (sbrun)
0004978: [General Bug] Get rid of pyside and shiboken (deprecated by pyside2) (rhertzog)
0005357: [Kali Package Bug] boot stuck at "Started update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes" after update im-config (rhertzog)
0005248: [Tool Upgrade] Upgrade SecLists (g0tmi1k)
0005260: [Tool Upgrade] Update msfpc to v1.4.5 (g0tmi1k)
0005259: [Tool Upgrade] Update exe2hex to v1.5.1 (g0tmi1k)
0005141: [Kali Package Bug] latest kernel (4.18.0-kali3) fails to boot (sbrun)
0005215: [General Bug] Missing Kali theme in sddm (rhertzog)
0005156: [Kali Package Bug] Ensure that flask-wtf goes back in Debian Testing (sbrun)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2019-02-18
0005270: [General Bug] Fresh Installation on Vmware Fusion from ISO freezes or fails (rhertzog)
0005194: [General Bug] System failed to boot after upgrading udev (rhertzog)
0005124: [Kali Package Bug] failed to start LSB:thin initscript (rhertzog)
0004994: [General Bug] Gnome may require entropy (Slow login) (rhertzog)
0005051: [General Bug] vmtoolsd starting to early (rhertzog)
0005011: [General Bug] xfce freezes (rhertzog)
0005096: [Kali Package Bug] Freeradius-wpe package has unment dependencies (sbrun)
0005085: [General Bug] xfsettingsd(in package of xfce4-setting) caused high cpu load every 2 or 3 sec. (steev)
0005086: [Kali Package Improvement] For Peepdf functionality, add build and add PyV8 package to Kali repo (sbrun)
0005087: [Kali Package Bug] Metasploit Function 'info' Bug (sbrun)
0005061: [General Bug] xfsettingsd(in package of xfce4-setting) caused high cpu load every 2 or 3 sec. (steev)
0004970: [Kali Package Improvement] For Peepdf functionality, add build and add PyV8 package to Kali repo (sbrun)
0005064: [Kali Package Bug] Metasploit Function 'info' Bug (sbrun)
0005056: [Tool Upgrade] Update dbeaver to 5.2.3 (sbrun)
0004996: [Kali Package Bug] Get rid of python-restkit in Kali (rhertzog)
0005254: [General Bug] WPScan does not start (sbrun)
0005018: [Tool Upgrade] Please upgrade theHarvester to 3.0.0 (g0tmi1k)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2018-10-29
0004304: [General Bug] virtualbox shared folder (rhertzog)
0004881: [Kali Package Bug] Upgrade cryptsetup to fix boot problem with LUKS on LVM (rhertzog)
0004453: [Kali Package Bug] Dolphin, kate and kwrite do not work on kde kali builds after latest update, error "Executing Dolphin as root is not possible" (rhertzog)
0005048: [General Bug] King-Phisher service doesn't start (sbrun)
0005044: [Kali Package Bug] wifiphisher cannot find roguehostapd (sbrun)
0005033: [Tool Upgrade] Please update python-impacket to 0.9.17 (sbrun)
0005043: [Tool Upgrade] Update SecLists to 2018.3 (g0tmi1k)
0005019: [Tool Upgrade] [Debian Package] Aircrack-ng 1.4 (sbrun)
0005000: [Tool Upgrade] upgrade Firefox ESR (sbrun)
0005031: [General Bug] 2018.4 Missing nexutil, cannot switch to monitor mode. (steev)
0004945: [General Bug] 2018.3 does not allow encrypted persistence on USB (rhertzog)
0004657: [General Bug] eject drives "Writing data to device" dialog never closes (rhertzog)
0005007: [Kali Package Improvement] Please update wireguard on a regular basis
0004960: [General Bug] video on kali.org NOT playing after upgrade (sbrun)
0004999: [General Bug] post update 2017.3 - totally hung desktop ,keyboard, menu (sbrun)
0004956: [Kali Package Improvement] Upgrading from Kali 2018.2 to 2018.3 causes GRUB problems (rhertzog)
0004972: [Tool Upgrade] tinfoleak is 2.4 (sbrun)
0004968: [Tool Upgrade] armitage update with git commit (sbrun)
0004971: [General Bug] Could not connect to wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log to see the error messages. (rhertzog)
0004975: [Tool Upgrade] fern-wifi-cracker v2.7 released (sbrun)
0004976: [Queued Tool Addition] Add Wireguard Tool (sbrun)
0004977: [Tool Upgrade] binwalk 2.1.2 (rhertzog)
0004963: [Tool Upgrade] fern-wifi-cracker v2.7 released (sbrun)
0004909: [Kali Package Bug] Mono package has a bug (sbrun)
0004868: [Tool Upgrade] Update python-faraday v3.0 (sbrun)
0004926: [Tool Upgrade] Update exploitdb-bin-sploits (g0tmi1k)
0004938: [Queued Tool Addition] Add Wireguard Tool (sbrun)
0004940: [Tool Upgrade] binwalk 2.1.2 (rhertzog)
0004939: [Tool Upgrade] gobuster 2.0 (sbrun)
0004922: [Tool Upgrade] RSMangler v1.5 (g0tmi1k)
0004924: [Tool Upgrade] Update exploitdb-papers (g0tmi1k)
0004631: [Tool Upgrade] Update windows-privesc-check to latest version. (g0tmi1k)
0004883: [Tool Upgrade] hashcat v4.2.0 available (sbrun)
0004876: [Kali Package Bug] Pyrit fails with "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'EAPOL'" (sbrun)
0004918: [Tool Upgrade] Update Patator from version 0.6 to 0.7 (sbrun)
0004923: [Kali Package Bug] Missing xrdp package
0004891: [Tool Upgrade] rtl8812au new version v5.2.20.2 available (sbrun)
0004902: [Tool Upgrade] hashcat-utils 1.9 (sbrun)
0004875: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite 1.7.36 available (sbrun)
39 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-27
0004721: [Tool Upgrade] Update Bettercap from 1.6.2 to 2.5 (sbrun)
0004574: [New Tool Requests] kerberoast - Kerberos assessment tools (sbrun)
0004885: [Tool Upgrade] Update SecLists to 2018.2 (g0tmi1k)
0004844: [Tool Upgrade] Aircrack-ng 1.3 (sbrun)
0004441: [Kali Package Bug] gnuradio QT flowgraph bug (rhertzog)
0003891: [General Bug] Arbitrary command execution after tab pressed twice to list "umount" command. (rhertzog)
0004535: [General Bug] Failed to start Network Time Synchronization. (rhertzog)
0004839: [Kali Package Improvement] Move texlive-latex-extra dependency from greenbone-security-assistant-common into openvas-manager-common (sbrun)
0004826: [Tool Upgrade] OpenVAS-9 - new release (sbrun)
0004834: [Kali Package Bug] Blank screen since kernel 4.16.16 update (sbrun)
0004830: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite 1.7.35 available (sbrun)
0004815: [Kali Package Bug] Error with apktool and then with msfvenom
0004828: [Kali Package Bug] hostapd-wpe error on update to 2.6+git20180521-0kali1
0004802: [Tool Upgrade] WPScan 2.9.4 Released (sbrun)
0004810: [Tool Upgrade] hostapd-wpe git update (sbrun)
0004523: [General Bug] realtek-rtl88xx-dkms to ODROID XU4 - Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.10.106 (armv7l) (sbrun)
0004800: [Tool Upgrade] wifite2 v2.1.6 available - features & bugfixes (sbrun)
0004798: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite 1.7.34 available (sbrun)
0004786: [Kali Package Bug] Eyewitness reported broken (sbrun)
0004011: [Tool Upgrade] Update fern-wifi-cracker, routersploit, wifiphisher, lynis, wafw00f, eyewitness) (sbrun)
0004782: [General Bug] Random crashes w/ Kali 2018.2 armv7 in Beaglebone Black (steev)
0004585: [Feature Requests] Kali Rolling Appearance Dark Theme Configuration (sbrun)
0004774: [General Bug] catfish no longer available
0004502: [New Tool Requests] DataSploit - An #OSINT Framework to perform various recon techniques on Companies, People, Phone Number, Bitcoin Addresses, etc (sbrun)
0004671: [Tool Upgrade] Aircrack-ng 1.2 rc5 (sbrun)
0004764: [Tool Upgrade] realtek-rtl88xx-dkms: several fixes + updates (sbrun)
0004761: [Tool Upgrade] Update dbeaver to 5.0.4 (sbrun)
0004713: [Tool Upgrade] Freeradius-WPE 3.0.17 (sbrun)
0004737: [New Tool Requests] Update SMBMap to use impacket v0.9.15 (g0tmi1k)
0002704: [Tool Upgrade] Switch from wifite to wifite2
0004685: [Tool Upgrade] Please upgrade theharvester to 2.7.2 (sbrun)
0004720: [Kali Package Bug] cannot use idb package due to dependency conflict (sbrun)
0002327: [New Tool Requests] GDB-PEDA v1.1 - Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB (sbrun)
0001767: [New Tool Requests] idb v2.9.1 - iOS Research / Pentesting Tool (sbrun)
0004705: [Tool Upgrade] King-Phisher Is out grossly out of date (sbrun)
0004673: [General Bug] Arachni stopped to work after an update (sbrun)
36 issues View Issues
Released 2018-04-30
0004554: [Kali Package Improvement] Add Kali.Training to Firefox Bookmark (sbrun)
0004325: [Tool Upgrade] hashcat v4.0.0 available (sbrun)
0004675: [Tool Upgrade] Bloodhound v1.5.1 (sbrun)
0004658: [Kali Package Bug] Dradis fails to run (sbrun)
0004656: [Kali Package Bug] jsql injection not working even update new version
0004608: [Tool Upgrade] OWASP JoomScan Project update (sbrun)
0004570: [Kali Package Bug] Gnome NetworkManager OpenVPN immediately disconnecting (rhertzog)
0004607: [Kali Package Improvement] Make msfdb more verbose (g0tmi1k)
0004632: [Kali Package Improvement] Update Usage Examples of wpscan (g0tmi1k)
0002329: [New Tool Requests] Ropper v1.10.10 - Display info about files in different formats & find gadgets to build ROPs chains (sbrun)
0004626: [Tool Upgrade] Update ExploitDB-Papers (g0tmi1k)
0004627: [Tool Upgrade] Update ExploitDB-Bin-Sploits (g0tmi1k)
0004619: [Tool Upgrade] Update SecLists v1.3 (g0tmi1k)
0004606: [Kali Package Improvement] Make openvas-* more verbose (g0tmi1k)
0004603: [Kali Package Improvement] Make beef-xss start/stop more verbose & menu updates (g0tmi1k)
0004605: [Kali Package Improvement] Make xplico start/stop more verbose & menu updates (g0tmi1k)
0004604: [Kali Package Improvement] Make dradis start/stop more verbose & menu updates (g0tmi1k)
0004600: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite 1.7.32 available (sbrun)
0004602: [Kali Package Bug] inetsim pem key file is owned by root user
0004532: [Kali Package Bug] btscanner crashes with the "b" (brute force scan) option (sbrun)
0004505: [Kali Package Bug] arachni doesn't run with using sudo anymore
0004542: [General Bug] Kali desktop theme background doesn't work for 2560x1600 resolutions (sbrun)
0004470: [Tool Upgrade] Upgrade Burpsuite to 1.7.30 (sbrun)
0004486: [Tool Upgrade] reaver v1.6.4 released (muts)
0004500: [Tool Upgrade] pixiewps v1.4.2 released (sbrun)
0004437: [Kali Package Improvement] Responder - Add ./Tools/* into $PATH (sbrun)
0000175: [Kali Package Improvement] metasploit framework's pattern_create and offset (Add to $PATH) (g0tmi1k)
28 issues View Issues
Released 2018-02-06
Released 06 Feb 2018
0004384: [General Bug] Sound / Audio issues. (sbrun)
0004377: [Kali Package Improvement] future of ssldump and sslsniff (sbrun)
0004488: [General Bug] Gnome Shell crash when you plug an USB device (rhertzog)
0004499: [New Tool Requests] Add ExploitDB-Bin-Sploit (Binary Exploits) (g0tmi1k)
0004498: [New Tool Requests] Add ExploitDB-Papers (g0tmi1k)
0004469: [Kali Package Bug] Remove skype4py once osrfamework no longer needs it (sbrun)
0004459: [General Bug] nm-applet segfaults when conneting to a VPN provider
0004484: [Tool Upgrade] Update dbeaver to 4.3.2 (sbrun)
0004467: [Kali Package Bug] Metasploit not starting (sbrun)
0004476: [Kali Package Bug] linux-headers package missing for i386 (it's there for amd64)
0004454: [Kali Package Bug] sparta fails to start because of qt4 (sbrun)
0004463: [General Bug] mitmproxy does not start (sbrun)
0004460: [Tool Upgrade] realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms needs upgrade (sbrun)
0004359: [Tool Upgrade] Update seclists Package to Latest Checkout (dookie)
0004126: [Kali Package Bug] Enum4Linux throws errors for users enumeration and Password Policy Information
0004331: [Kali Package Bug] Wifite should depend on net-tools (sbrun)
0004432: [General Bug] /usr/bin/geoip missing *.yml files (sbrun)
0004422: [General Bug] alfa awus036ach driver issue (sbrun)
0003821: [Kali Package Bug] polenum-0.2 inaccurately reports time values associated with password policies
0003665: [Kali Package Bug] Polenum not compatible with current python-impacket package included in Kali repos
0004385: [Tool Upgrade] pixiewps v1.4 released (sbrun)
0000338: [New Tool Requests] Add Airgraph-ng v2.0.1 - See the graphs Aircrack-ng creates (sbrun)
0004360: [Tool Upgrade] Update SSF (Secure Socket Funneling) to v3.0.0 (sbrun)
0004371: [Tool Upgrade] ZAP 2.7.0 is available (sbrun)
0004376: [General Bug] netboot fails when retrieving libc6-udev (rhertzog)
0004368: [Kali Package Bug] Imporint glib (libc6-udeb) breaks current PXE install (rhertzog)
26 issues View Issues
Released 2017-11-21
Third Kali release in 2017.
More release information: https://www.kali.org/kali-linux-releases/
0004269: [New Tool Requests] CherryTree - A hierarchical note taking application (sbrun)
0004097: [Kali Package Bug] Drivers iwlwifi-7265D-26.ucode and others not found during installation process
0004352: [Kali Package Improvement] Metasploit wordlists are marked executable (sbrun)
0004095: [Kali Package Bug] Openvas 9 shceudled tasks fail to run (sbrun)
0004226: [Kali Package Bug] on the same scan target, nmap 7.60 scans run significantly slower or do not complete compared to nmap 7.40 (rhertzog)
0004344: [Kali Package Bug] Setoolkit 7.7.4 Upgrade dosnt work remain on 7.7.2 (sbrun)
0004045: [Tool Upgrade] Replace Veil-Evasion With Veil 3.0 (sbrun)
0004336: [Tool Upgrade] reaver v1.6.3 available (sbrun)
0004334: [Tool Upgrade] Social Engineering Toolkit (setoolkit) v7.7.4 available (sbrun)
0003981: [Tool Upgrade] O-Saft version 17.04.17 available (sbrun)
0004297: [Kali Package Bug] hydra segmentation fault (sbrun)
0004256: [Tool Upgrade] Update cuckoo to 2.0.4 (sbrun)
0004312: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite v1.7.27 available (sbrun)
0004293: [Tool Upgrade] pixiewps v1.3 released (sbrun)
0004050: [Tool Upgrade] ethtool update is available (sbrun)
0004253: [General Bug] gnome-disk-utility 3.26.0 crashing (rhertzog)
0004205: [General Bug] Low Disk Space on "Kali Live" (rhertzog)
0001964: [New Tool Requests] Add Sublist3r v1.0 (Was SubBrute) - Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers (sbrun)
0003042: [New Tool Requests] Add OSRFramework v6.0 - Tools for user profiling and online research (sbrun)
0004270: [Tool Upgrade] reaver v1.6.2 released (sbrun)
0004265: [Kali Package Bug] EDB Debugger - "edb Failed to Load A Necessary Plugin" (sbrun)
0004254: [General Bug] Kali Light login language default to aa_DJ.utf8 AFTER HD install (rhertzog)
0004247: [Kali Package Bug] Rebuild gr-osmosdr for GNU Radio 3.7.11 (rhertzog)
23 issues View Issues
Released 2017-09-21
Second Kali release in 2017.
More release information: https://www.kali.org/kali-linux-releases/
0004221: [General Bug] Bare desktop without menu after installing kali-lxde (rhertzog)
0004239: [Kali Package Bug] kali-live: LXDE - many problems with X, language environment, boot (rhertzog)
0004139: [Kali Package Bug] Faraday doesn't start because of couchdb (sbrun)
0004035: [New Tool Requests] Add BruteSpray v1.5.1 - Automatically attempts default creds on found services. (sbrun)
0001759: [New Tool Requests] Add Tinfoleak v2 - Get intelligenge from Twitter (sbrun)
0001247: [New Tool Requests] Add Jsp File Browser v1.2 - JSP web shell (sbrun)
0003139: [Kali Package Bug] spice-vdagent not sharing clipboard or resizing desktop (rhertzog)
0004159: [General Bug] Screen resizing no longer works after recent package upgrade (rhertzog)
0004198: [Kali Package Bug] driver v5.1.5 ready for rtl88xxau-dkms to fix crash (sbrun)
0004201: [Kali Package Improvement] Update Usage Examples of Responder (dookie)
0004200: [Tool Upgrade] Update DNSChef to 0.3 and Fix Usage Example (dookie)
0004194: [Kali Package Improvement] Update patator usage example (dookie)
0004162: [General Bug] Suddenly my gnome-terminal got a bug that shows a sill around the terminal (rhertzog)
0004195: [Kali Package Improvement] Update rsmangler usage examples (dookie)
0004193: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage example of padbuster (dookie)
0004171: [Kali Package Improvement] The thcping6 shortcut is broken (sbrun)
0004188: [Kali Package Improvement] Update fimap usage examples (dookie)
0004187: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for dirb (dookie)
0003989: [Tool Upgrade] Update realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms driver to v5.1.5 branch (sbrun)
0002396: [Kali Websites & Docs] docs.kali.org needs to be updated with new instructions for building a custom live iso (muts)
0004175: [Kali Package Improvement] Update virtualbox to 5.1.26
0004157: [Kali Package Bug] No interface for external usb wireless adapter TP-Link AC 1300 V2 Archer T4U (sbrun)
0004180: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage example of apache-users (dookie)
0004179: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for UAtester (dookie)
0004178: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for clusterd (dookie)
0004177: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for SIPp (dookie)
0004176: [Kali Package Improvement] Update usage examples for sctpscan (dookie)
0004174: [Kali Package Improvement] Update smtp-user-enum usage examples (dookie)
0004173: [Kali Package Improvement] Update SMBMap usage output (dookie)
0004170: [Kali Package Improvement] Update the usage output for Fierce (dookie)
0004073: [Tool Upgrade] JD-GUI 1.4.0 is Available (sbrun)
0004168: [Tool Upgrade] Update dnsenum to (dookie)
0004155: [Tool Upgrade] Update edb-debugger to 0.9.21 (sbrun)
0004119: [Kali Package Bug] Duplicate SBD.exe File (Windows-Binary & SBD) (sbrun)
0004121: [Tool Upgrade] burpsuite version 1.7.25 available (sbrun)
0004137: [Kali Package Bug] hostapd-wpe 2.6+git20170713-0kali1 fails to install due to obsolete openssl gendh command (sbrun)
0004107: [Tool Upgrade] WPScan 2.9.3 released (sbrun)
0004051: [Tool Upgrade] original wifite finally updated ! (sbrun)
0002176: [New Tool Requests] DBeaver v3.2.0 - Free Universal Database Manager (sbrun)
0002985: [New Tool Requests] Crowbar (Levye) - Brute forcing tool for pentests (sbrun)
0002574: [New Tool Requests] CrackMapExec v3.1.5 (sbrun)
0003246: [New Tool Requests] changeme v0.2.3 (sbrun)
0003596: [New Tool Requests] New tool - BloodHound v1.3 (sbrun)
0001097: [New Tool Requests] b374k 3.2.3 - PHP web shell (sbrun)
0003508: [New Tool Requests] Add (Automated Penetration Toolkit) ATP2 (sbrun)
0003134: [Kali Package Improvement] GNOME QuickLaunch Bar - Metasploit-Framework & Armitage Icons - Auto start postgresql (sbrun)
0004015: [Tool Upgrade] Missing watobo icon (sbrun)
0004027: [General Bug] Bug in the look screen. (sbrun)
0004074: [Tool Upgrade] Nmap 7.50 Released (sbrun)
0003505: [New Tool Requests] Add Secure Socket Funneling v2.1.0 (sbrun)
0001952: [Tool Upgrade] Update Hyperion v1.2 (sbrun)
0002708: [New Tool Requests] wgetpaste - simple command-line interface to various online pastebin services (sbrun)
0003506: [New Tool Requests] Add ssh-audit (sbrun)
0001005: [New Tool Requests] SNMPEnum.pl (sbrun)
0003935: [New Tool Requests] smbserver (Part of impacket collection) (sbrun)
0003703: [New Tool Requests] New tool phishery - An SSL Enabled Basic Auth Credential Harvester with a Word Document Template URL Injector (sbrun)
0004048: [Kali Package Bug] Kali won't upgrade because of Dradis
0004049: [Kali Package Bug] BDFProxy crashes (requires mitmproxy 0.11 - 0.17, but requirement cannot be installed) (sbrun)
0004039: [Kali Package Improvement] metasploit-framework - Remove msfupdate (sbrun)
0002467: [New Tool Requests] hURL - hexadecimal & URL encoder + decoder (sbrun)
0004014: [Tool Upgrade] WATOBO 1.0.0 released (sbrun)
0004161: [Kali Package Bug] Kali crases and freezes after installing realtek-rtl88xxau-dkms (rhertzog)
0004199: [Kali Package Bug] gnome-terminal cannot launch in current weeklies (2017-W35) due to bad locale? (rhertzog)
63 issues View Issues
Released 1970-01-01
kali-dev is an always evolving distribution based on Debian Testing. It will regularly break.
0002366: [Tool Upgrade] Update gnome-shell extensions in kali-dev (sbrun)
0004258: [Tool Upgrade] Please update DBeaver to 4.2.1 (dookie)
0004169: [Tool Upgrade] Update dnsrecon to 0.8.10 (dookie)
0003145: [Kali Package Bug] Test build iso and installation are ok when Firefox will replace iceweasel (sbrun)
0003018: [Kali Package Bug] Kali 2.0 x64 upgrade to Kali-Rolling fail (sbrun)
0002967: [Kali Package Bug] commix 0.3b-0kali1 - ascii banner (sbrun)
0002815: [Feature Requests] Update gnome-shell's favorite application list to include the terminal and the browser (sbrun)
0002804: [General Bug] Postgresql wont start on an installed system due to missing self signed certs
0002478: [Tool Upgrade] Please package set 6.5.4 (or newer) (sbrun)
0002481: [Tool Upgrade] Please update python-faraday to version 1.0.13 (sbrun)
0002482: [Tool Upgrade] Please update sslscan to version 1.10.6-rbsec (sbrun)
0002504: [General Bug] FS Read-Only on oDroid and Raspi2 with kali 2.0 (steev)
0002517: [Kali Package Improvement] Add WPScan to Kali 2.0 Applications menu (muts)
0002405: [Tool Upgrade] Please update zaproxy (sbrun)
0002378: [Tool Upgrade] Please update proxystrike to version 2.2 in sana/kali-dev (sbrun)
0002330: [New Tool Requests] Please package workspaces-to-dock (GNOME Shell Extension) (sbrun)
0002286: [Feature Requests] Switch to linux 4.0.x in kali-rolling (sbrun)
0002300: [General Bug] Fix gdm/gnome-shell asking for username twice (sbrun)
0002293: [General Bug] Package gnome-theme-kali (sbrun)
0002280: [New Tool Requests] Package GNOME Shell extension "Refresh wifi connections" (sbrun)
0002283: [New Tool Requests] Please package conky-manager 2.0 (sbrun)
0002178: [Kali Package Bug] webshag-gui is broken in kali-rolling (sbrun)
0002180: [Kali Package Improvement] Changes to be made to the kali-meta Package (sbrun)
0002159: [General Bug] Metasploit fails to start on an installed system of kali-rolling
0002158: [General Bug] Postgresql wont start on an installed system due to missing self signed certs
0002161: [General Bug] The installer shortcut under System Tools has the wrong text
0002160: [Kali Package Bug] SQLmap Errors out on kali-rolling (sbrun)
0002150: [Feature Requests] Update gnome-shell's favorite application list to include the terminal and the browser (sbrun)
0002130: [Kali Package Bug] GNOME screensaver screen shows a Debian picture instead of a Kali one (sbrun)
0002141: [General Bug] Update adwaita/metacity-theme-3.xml in kali-defaults (sbrun)
30 issues View Issues